node-webkit for poets (Mac version)

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Here’s a quick step-by step guide for getting node-webkit running on your Mac and making self-contained, double-clickable apps: 1. First, get node-webkit from this GitHub repository: using this download link for the Mac version: (note this is the current released version and there are newer RC versions if you are brave.) Note that you can actually… Read more »

Apple Hates Web Developers (?)

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With last week’s release of OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion, Mac users have been given a lot to digest. True to Apple form, there is a lot of marketing info about the release but not much in the way of specific changes or documentation for power users. Usually not a problem as the Internet does… Read more »

Apple’s RAID Software

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I’ve just finished a weekend-long battle with Apple’s RAID software. In the end, it saved my bacon. But the story is longer than that and holds a couple of warnings about backup strategies. First some background. I have a old PowerBook running OS X Server that plays the role of media server. It had 3… Read more »

I Win the DARPA Network Challenge!!!

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Well, not exactly, but if I’d wanted to win the DARPA Network Challenge, here’s what *I* would have done to win. First of all, I’d settle for splitting the $40,000 prize. I’d enlist 2 other people, one on the other coast and one somewhere in the middle, and offer them $5000 apiece to play along…. Read more »

Twitter Proxy Project

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Given the amount of interest people seem to be showing in the Twitter proxy concept, I’m going to take a shot at making one. If you’d like to help, here’s what I am thinking: I learned a lot about the pros and cons of using Google App Engine while making my Java implementation of a… Read more »

rssNimbus Available for Beta Testing

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The first demo deployment of rssNimbus, a rssCloud server for Google App Engine, is on the air for limited beta testing at I would greatly appreciate any feedback on how it works for people attempting basic pings and notifications. Be forewarned that it still needs to be hooked into GAE’s cron processes so that… Read more »