Twitter with a Brain

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Dave Winer made this post on his rssCloud Blog today and it started the gears grinding. In it, he suggests the need for a “programmable” Twitter client. Specifically, he offered up the idea of a Twitter client with a scripting engine in it that would allow certain types of logic to be triggered on behalf… Read more »

rssNimbus Source Code Available

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The Java source code for rssNimbus (in the form of an Eclipse project snapshot) is now available from this link. Ultimately, it should be moved to an on-line version control site like Google Code, but for now a big blob is what you get. See the ReadMe.txt file inside the archive for more info. You… Read more »

Poet’s Guide to rssNimbus

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rssNimbus is an implementation of a rssCloud server using Google App Engine (GAE) to run the server’s Java code. To install and run your own copy, you need a few things: download a copy of rssNimbus. <> create a Google App Engine account. <> download  the GAE SDK for Java. <> or the current version… Read more »

rssNimbus Available for Beta Testing

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The first demo deployment of rssNimbus, a rssCloud server for Google App Engine, is on the air for limited beta testing at I would greatly appreciate any feedback on how it works for people attempting basic pings and notifications. Be forewarned that it still needs to be hooked into GAE’s cron processes so that… Read more »

Twitter Updates for 2009-10-03

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Twitter Updates for 2009-10-02 # Chuck BREAKING NEWS: Terror Alert in Washington, D. C. The Washington Redskins football practice was delayed nearly… #