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This blog is weird. Sometimes it goes for months without stuff happening, then it gets a flurry of new content. We’re moving into the “flurry” stage again. I’ve spent much of the past year or so working with various mobile application technologies, settling on hybrid apps that include a substantial HTML5 component. This has led to some interesting business (and technology) opportunities and I’m going to try and document some of them here.

One of the biggest technical challenges has been getting content to render effectively first across phones and tablets, and then desktops. Using tools like PhoneGap and Sencha Touch have made that process fairly easy. Twitter’s Bootstrap framework takes the opposite approach of rendering nicely on desktops, but then scaling down to mobile devices. It’s what’s driving the new theme on this blog. Great for taking a content authoring tool like WordPress and extending it out (painlessly!) to mobile devices.

It’d be nice to see some sort of convergence happen between Bootstrap and the purely mobile frameworks like Sencha’s and the JQuery-based JQTouch and JQuery Mobile. Stay tuned and let’s see what happens.

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