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This WikiLeaks crap bothers me. This morning, PayPal has shut them off, making the judgement that their activity is somehow illegal without any hint of due process. There is a story not getting told, which is all about who is pressuring Amazon, PayPal, DNS providers, and ISPs to turn off WikiLeaks.

Kiddie porn sites, illegal gambling sites, etc. all get a blind eye. Now that someone is pissed about WikiLeaks, these companies all suddenly take the moral high ground. Why isn’t anyone asking THEM why? Why now? Really asking them and not just taking their bogus PR as an answer. (It sure as hell isn’t that tool Joe Lieberman.)

Here’s the last best shot old school news organs have at leveraging their news desks and they are cowering. *I* want to know the answer, and short of a blogged leak from inside PayPal, we’ll never find out. Investigative journalism seems to be over.

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