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Dave Winer infected me with the node.js meme the other day. I’m sure it was innocent on his part, but the results have been a bit like John Pinette at a chinese buffet. So much to try, so little time.

node.js has been around for a while. I remember looking at it almost a year ago and thinking that I liked my own Java version of poor man’s middleware, built out of Rhino, Derby, and my own home-grown object database, a lot better than the weird mishmash of pieces that seemed to be dumped into node.js.

Fast forward to last week, where the value proposition clicked into place, hard and fast. The missing piece was the Cloud9 IDE which is a completely browser-based IDE for developing and debugging Javascript apps for node.js or Chrome. Now I had a complete development environment that I can stick in the cloud, hosting it on one of Amazon’s new, essentially free EC2 “micro” server instances. A huge plus is that all the pieces run fine on Mac OS X as well.

And all the pieces are there to build just about any sort of Web app you can imagine now. Modules exist to tie together just about any popular database, web framework, CMS, or web service you can think of. And it’s all designed to be maximally scalable and take proper advantage of multi-core processors. It’s like someone dumped out a huge pile of all the Lego pieces in the world and sat me down in the middle of it.

Unfortunately, just like with real Legos, I now have to figure out what to make out of them.

  • Anonymous

    Heh. Yes. But it never hurts to ask! 😉

  • Tucks friend whosis

    Come on Tuck you know whut to build!! 🙂