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The first demo deployment of rssNimbus, a rssCloud server for Google App Engine, is on the air for limited beta testing at I would greatly appreciate any feedback on how it works for people attempting basic pings and notifications.

Be forewarned that it still needs to be hooked into GAE’s cron processes so that hourly housekeeping can be performed (i.e., expiring subscriptions, pushing out delayed notifications, etc.)

Also, please note that as of this iteration, no subscriptions are being expired.

You can find a test version of rssNimbus at with additional instructions on its home page for using it. Please post any comments, issues, bugs, or feedback as comments to this post.

Once the final kinks are out of it and the basic UI is turned on for admin functions, a user-installable version of rssNimbus will be made available as a .zip archive for anyone who wants to take a shot at installing and running their own GAE-based rssCloud server. Hopefully that archive will be available this weekend, depending on feedback and last minute issues.

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  1. cshotton

    Just a brief note to thank folks for playing with the new system. (And to test that comments are working as expected!)