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  • Mary Poppins, the Musical: #
  • Fortune seems to have the fastest updates on the iPhone event. [] #
  • I want a Java VM on the iPhone. #
  • Wow. Kleiner Perkins setting aside $100M for an iPhone fund! (probably found it in the sofa cushions in the lobby. :p ) #
  • 30% is way less than most companies spend on channel development, distribution, and sales. Only have dev. and marketing costs now. #
  • @ihnatko Pfft. All the porn in the world is already available through Safari on the iPhone. A somewhat gratuitous distinction on Steve’s … #
  • Today’s trio: Smithfield ham salad, iPhone SDK, and the New River #
  • @Ihnatko Steve said downloads to the phone directly from XCode and also via iTunes #
  • @brentsimmons Silly me. I naively assumed it’d show up on the ADC site and was gamely reloading the "What’s New" page. Doh! #
  • @davewiner seems so. #
  • It is 2008, Apple. Lrn2Bittorrent. #
  • @siegel and it is really too bad that people paying the full ADC membership fee now have to fork over more to port Mac apps to the iPhon … #
  • @brentsimmons My $1.00 nets Apple $.30. Your $50 app is worth $15. Does it cost more to serve up your app than mine? Apple rationalizes… #
  • Well someone had the good sense to toss the iPhone SDK up on a bittorrent tracker. Shame Apple didn’t do it. #
  • @seigel well, $100 keeps the script kiddies at bay, I suppose. #
  • @siegel Yea with no reservations. It’s been fine for me on 3 different laptops #

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