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  • Texas: Obama 54%, Clintion 45%.Talk about an EPIC fail! Bye HRC! Don’t let the door hit ya…! #
  • Sigh. Go to bed thinking someone finally poured water on the wicked witch, only to find she and her monkeys are still at it in the morning. #
  • @dsearls I like the @davewiner idea for Obama to start the "Hope Party" instead of playing second fiddle on a Billary ticket. No rationa … #
  • @adamengst Agree 100%. One major reason I kept my Treo instead of getting an iPhone was the inability to read eBooks on the iPhone. #
  • Triple du jour – Gummi worms, WordPress, and Mary Poppins #
  • Damn. au pair wrecked my car. Seems to be part of their job description. #
  • @adamengst Just my $.02, but Hershey’s has become grainy and has far less butterfat in it. Kisses are now sandy, brown, sugar lumps. #

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